Monday, May 31, 2004

Update on my week...

Well most of the week was pretty boring except for the storms we had on both Wednesday and Thursday. I don't know if any of you goddesses know this, but I have a huge fear of tornados. I remember when we were going through mom's dresser we found two cards which had to do with what I would want to take down to the basement in the event of one. I think I remember even practicing it once. Where I live, it doesn't have a basement so I have to go into my bathroom, which I am still afraid of having a tornado cause major damage to me nevertheless. You can bet that I was relieved that there was never one on the ground.

Friday I decided to ride my bike to work. This was actually my second time doing that. I'm actually planning on making this a regular thing before I move. Hopefully I'll get strong enough to bike home as the ride to work is mostly downhill while my ride home is mostly uphill. At this point I still have to get off my bike to walk it uphill as I'm not strong enough for that.

Saturday-work, work, Cowboy Mouth show at "Rib America." Not really anything major.

On Sunday John and I went to "Washington Avenue Beat Fest" and checked out most of the clubs on Washington Avenue. All day John had been asking me "So you going to stay up until one?" You see, I can barely stay up past ten or eleven max and end up fading out and rolling my head against him about twelve. Kind of embarrassing. Well I did stay up until one...Barely. We left our last club about 1:10pm and I nearly fell asleep on my way home. I wasn't planning on driving as I had a really nice chocolate martini. Yum.

Today was mainly recouping from the night before and going to a BBQ with John that Kathy (dad's fiance) was having at her place. I finally got to meet her family. The only person I knew from their side was Kathy.

To blog, or not to blog...

That is the question. I've been thinking of doing my own blog for quite some time now, and with just these two posts on Goddess, I'm realizing I really like it. This isn't the best time for me to do it, what with Six Flags starting up full-time, and not having a computer I can get on regularly, and pure beginning-of-summer laziness, but I might do it anyway. But who would read it? Moueska would, I think, and the rest of you guys, but would anyone else? Then I decided that doesn't matter. I'll do it anyway. But just out of curiosity, let's vote. Who thinks I should start up my own blog?

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Hey, Hey! The Gang's all Here!

Wow! Five people! Now we're just waiting on Von, Kristen, and... that's it. If you think someone I left out would be interested, lemme know.

Meanwhile... Wow. Anybody else think this kicks? 'Cause I love it already. Honestly, we needed to do this a long time ago. Of course, they didn't offer it before the revamp, but hey! Whattayagonnado?

Oh god, oh god... the wedding is so close I can feel the energy. Or maybe it's just static from the clothes I just retrieved from the dryer. Hum. I really ought to call David's Bridal and see if my dress is in yet... it was due in the 27th. Yes, when this summer is over I shall have two dresses that cost over $100 each, and both shall be lilac. (Not that I mind, of course. It is a pretty color.) Two weddings, one summer, and yet another in the works...


Saturday, May 29, 2004

Skipping down memory lane, I trip

I still remember the first time I heard the idea for the TCM, when Moueska came up to me at lunch with an index card with the names and pictures: Red Rose, Pink [T] Rose, White Rose, White Lily, Purple Lilac, and a blue flower that I can't remember, and which doesn't matter, because we never used it. I think it might have been a rose, though. :D I do recall a slight rose obsession. I remember all the notes we wrote to each other, signed with our picture and mafia name, and later our goddess name. All the different and impossible-to-recall ways we used to fold them and decorate the outside. Passing them to each other on the fly in the hall or in the lunch line, with T tapping the Pink Panther theme on the counter with her nails. The car on the cafeteria wall that still had yellow windows, even after the walls were painted white. Bosco sticks. T's chocolate muffin that she picked apart with her fingers to eat, and gave me bits. Mrs. R-K's class, and all the times she told Lar and I to "hush up" but never separated us. The blue gum in Eric's hair. The many, many trips to the library or to Gravois Variety after school Moueska and I embarked on. All the sleepovers that ended at five in the morning after we walked all over the neighborhood in the dark. Moueska's rain dance, and its success. I could just go on and on...But I won't. Perhaps another time.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hello! Boy, it's been awhile since I've done anything like this. Not really quite sure what to say. Um... I'm Laura. Don't really have a Goddess nickname. (Everyone always bugged me because I never really chose a name,but that's ok.) Moueska's right. This does remind me of quickdots. But, as of right now, I haven't much to say, so I'm gonna go now.
- Laura

p.s.- Jessie, if you read this, I'm sorry. I know that can't fix things, but I am.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Hey all!

When we first began the TCM, I remember mom having a big problem with it, which if I'm not mistaken is why the name slowly changed to "The Goddesses" I know that at that time I or one of us others (then T, Artemis, Moueska, and Lar) decided that it might be a neat to call ourselves after goddesses. As for Haiti and Virgin Islands, it came from how often we ended up merging Hey and T, when we realized that we were calling T an Island, we chose nicknames according to islands with the same first letter. Mine was "Cyprus." I already had a fondness for Athena or Athene (as is one Grecco version of it is spelled) so it was an easy carry-over. There was one other nickname we had for us that both of you have forgotten- "Then Marians." It's a hat's off to "The Music Man" where Marian Paroo claimed that "I have my standards where men are concerned!" As T, has said we have kind of moved on to our various "priests" (no offense guys!). I am engaged myself.

Monday, May 24, 2004

It's Me, T!

Oh my crap! This is so totally freakin' awesome!
Oh, I guess an introduction is in order. I'm T, as the title suggests, and as a Goddess, I chose the moniker Ceibhfhionn, after a little known Celtic goddess (it's pronounced Kay-vun). I was also Pink Rose (if I remember correctly), and I also use the names Celtic Muse and The Infamous T. It depends on where I am.
I think it was Moueska that came up with the idea of the TCM, and the little tagline for the blog sounds suspiciously similar to a phrase I penned a few years ago... ^_^
I remember back in high school when we were first the TCM, and had flower names. Then as I drew closer to graduation, we started the whole Goddess thing. Well, that's how I remember it; the others may have different memories than the ones I have, but that's okay.
I think our first websites that were based on the TCM are now defunct. I know my very first is unreachable; the one that Jess did for me. I'd have to go back and check on them again. We've all grown a lot these past years. I went off and got married, Lar is counting down her days of being a single woman, and everyone else is dating and moving on in their lives. *cue sappy music* But we'll all have a common bond that will bring us together, and that is being a Divine Goddess. *end sappy music, cue party music*
Let's make this the best group blog there is!
The Infamous T

Love, Luck, and Lollipops!

Ah, those were the days. Welcome, welcome one and all the the brand-spankin' new commune for the bloggin' women of Honeytown. If you need to rant, have a little bit to say, have a question to ask, or just slap a wiseass comment back at someone else sidle on up and post.

Of course, you know who I am. I'm Moueska Tonelicci... and have been called both Virgin Islands and Red Rose. Those that know me best remember the days of The ThunderCloud Mafia. (Fear not, 'twas just a club of girls in High School.) It consisted of a few members, and it grew depending on who was involved. From there, it became The Goddesses, the title gleaned from the nicknames we gave ourselves. Athenae was... well... Athene. Jess? Artemis. And so forth. I remained the unnamed goddess...

Perhaps by the time this blog as run its course, I shall have a name.

Until then, I await the joining of my sisters in friendship. Come, come!